Evergreen Wisdom

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It’s that time of the night when I’m readying myself to go to bed and my mind starts to race.
No, nothing bad.
Nothing worrisome.
Just a steady, relaxed peacefulness.
I was reflecting with a friend earlier about the power of evergreen books and programs.
Normally, when it comes to a book or movie or TV show, once I’ve seen or read it, I’m over it.
Zero interest to go back.
And yet, there are a few rare books and programs and movies that call out to you to relive them all over again.
How would diving back into those great books help me along my journey?
They were powerful when I read them the first time… I’m sure they will be doubly powerful this time.
Because I’ll gain new insights… deeper insights… ones I couldn’t have gotten last year.
I wasn’t ready for them.
The racing my mind is doing tonight is one of pure joy at the thought of getting to experience it all over again—and what may open up for me this time around that didn’t the first time.
When I get better, you get better.
When I feel better, you feel better.
You are a reflection of me and I am a reflection of you.
By healing myself, I heal you.
By changing myself, I change the world.
Goodnight friends.

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