Living In Underwater Steel Tubes, Childhood Cancer, and An Invitation For You

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So I’ve been staring at this screen for the past twenty minutes. I’ve got something useful and valuable to say but I just can’t seem to get my brain in gear to start giving me what I need in order to get into the flow.

Some days it’s just ON.

Others… not so much.

I have this great photo to share that I snapped this morning, too. How can I incorporate this into a post that is meaningful and relevant to the image?

I’ve got a dozen things on my mind this morning but, quite frankly, what bubbles up to the top of that list is, well, YOU.

You see, I’m putting the finishing touches (how cliché is that!? haha) on a new and improved program that addresses the struggle and frustration that comes from knowing you’ve got a gift to share with the world but not knowing how, or even just what, that gift is.

Okay, so you’ve “woken up.”

You realize you weren’t meant to live life in a small, bland and boring cubicle.

(Or you realize you weren’t meant to spend YEARS of your life trapped in a small steel tube called a submarine like I did.)

You realize there is more to life than a soul-sucking 9-5 job.

Now what?

Where do I start?

What should I do?

I know what I DON’T want. That much is clear.

But even more importantly, I know that other people are living a life that is full of passion and aliveness—and I feel like I wasn’t invited to the party.

Or rather, I just don’t know where they are. Or who they are.

Or really what they look like.

***I mean, I can’t tell you what it is… but I know it when I see it.***

But let’s get honest here.

It’s not about what everybody else is doing.

What is it that YOU want to be doing now that you’re AWAKE?

A little about me…

I was in the same boat not that long ago.

I had my “awakening” experience in December of 2012 while I was still in the Navy.

Apparently, there was a MASS AWAKENING during this period (around the same time the world was supposed to end, remember? The whole Mayan Calendar and all.)

So anyway, I felt just like Leonardo da Vinci when he said, “I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep.”

I realized I did NOT want to spend the rest of my life trapped on a submarine.

Now while I am not claustrophobic (funny story), I did feel a VISCERAL TIGHTENING IN MY CHEST at the thought of living the best years of my life as a SLAVE (by voluntary contract, yes) instead of being the SOLE CAPTAIN of my life.

I never realized I had so many naval metaphors until this very moment… haha. Keep with me.

I’m about to share something with you that I don’t share often. And it’s not because I’m seeking pity or sympathy. This is just what the facts were.

My daughter was 9 years old. 3 years prior to that we discovered she had cancer.


The shock and pain my family felt was indescribable.

However, because I was in the Navy, 100% of her medical costs were covered by the military’s insurance.

Quite literally MILLIONS of DOLLARS worth of care, treatment, chemotherapy, and surgeries were covered.

Why am I telling you this?

Let’s fast forward to when I had my AWAKENING MOMENT.

Yes! I’m awake!

I don’t want to be around all the rest of these culturally hypnotized ZOMBIES anymore. I’m done living this LIE.

FREEDOM meant getting OUT of the military and starting a new chapter of my life.

Someplace where I could be FREE to choose my OWN PATH and make my own way.

But that freedom was quickly squelched.

WHO would take care of my daughter’s medical costs?

NOTHING beats 100% of your medical expenses being covered.

I was fast approaching the moment where I would let my superiors know whether I wanted to re-enlist again for six more years—putting me at age 36 (I was 28 at the time).

That was another DECADE of my life gone.

Used up.

By someone ELSE’S agenda.

Sure, re-enlisting is a voluntary thing. Nobody MAKES you do it.

But with my circumstances, I felt like I did NOT HAVE A CHOICE.

And so, remember that freedom I so desperately sought?



I was the bird trapped in the proverbial cage.

There was no way I could get out of the military and feel good about myself knowing that my daughter wasn’t being properly taken care of.

Aaaaaaand so then I spiraled into the biggest depression of my life.

To have a TASTE of what freedom COULD be like and then to realize that the HEEL of LIFE had me successfully pinned to the ground… with nowhere to run… much less move.

To make a long story short, it didn’t matter for very long because just 11 months later I found myself being KICKED OUT of the military for DRUG ABUSE.

Cocaine, specifically.

I was hiding.

I was hiding from myself and I was hiding my substance abuse (HARD CORE DRUGS MAN) from the Navy.

Well, you can’t hide for long.

Your inner world reflects your outer world and pretty soon my inner world came EXPLODING OUT.

Let me tell you, the guilt that I felt was massive.


I had failed.

I had gone from being the almighty bread winner, upstanding citizen in the military, making my family proud, winning ribbons and medals in the service… to hitting ROCK BOTTOM with NO SAFETY NET.

Those accolades were true, yes.

But I felt HOLLOW on the inside.

I felt like a SHELL of a man.

I was determined to right my wrongs.

For the longest time, I struggled to find my way in the world. How do I build myself back up?

On top of that, I carried about the blame and the shame of what I had done.


Then one day I chose to stop living in my past and to choose a new future for myself.

I began to seek out coaches and mentors who have been there, done that.

People who had the results I was looking for.

People who were LIKE ME—awakened, fulfilled, and very much imbued with a sense of ALIVENESS about them.

The reason I share my story with you is to let you know that if I could bring myself back from where I was to where I am NOW, then you can, too.

I’ve learned and implemented so many useful and inspiring concepts, strategies, and tactics that I want to GIVE BACK.

I’m putting together a training that is going to cover these topics and MORE… so that you can experience more FREEDOM, ALIVENESS, and yes, more MONEY in your life.

Look, I’m just a dude who’s learned a few things and can help you AVOID the mistakes and mental blockages I encountered on my journey.

If you’re interested in the training, leave a comment below with the word “In.”

This isn’t a commitment. This is simply to show your INTEREST.

Please Like and Share this post if it resonated with you or if you know someone else who is going through a similar experience and you know it will help THEM.

P.S. I figured out a way to incorporate my photo with this post… It’s always darkest before dawn… but when that sun starts to rise, it is BREATHTAKING… and your BETTER LIFE is on the horizon.

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